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GPS 保安公司

​GPS Security

         集团公司于2003年组建成立了GPS Security 保安公司,公司以军人的标准培训每一位保安人员,目前拥有高素质保安人员400余人。团队管理也以军事化标准来管理,配置武器精良,配有专业的交通工具,无线电通讯设备等,保安公司主要负责企业集团旗下各单位的保安,运钞,保镖,开道服务等,保护企业人员人身安全,财产安全,维护各单位的正常生产经营秩序。同时也为各个合同公司提供保安租赁服务项目,为企业提供安逸的工作,生产环境,当好企业的守护神。

GPS Security Company was set up in 2003. The company trains every security officer based on military standards and currently has more than 400 highly trained security personnel. The management of security teams is based on military standards; they are equipped with excellent weapons, professional transport means and radio communications equipment. The Security Company is mainly responsible for all enterprise units of LOU’S GROUP, cash transportation, bodyguard services, road access services, protection of business personnel, property safety and maintains order of the production process and operation of all units. The security company also offers security lease services for all contract companies, ensures a comfortable and productive working environment for the enterprise and has become the enterprise’ patron saint. 

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